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What is the Vibe?
The lens we look through often gives us the answer we’re looking for. Sometimes we want the big picture, other times just what’s happening today.

With 30dB you can select the time period of interest, chart the Vibe over time, and compare topic Vibes head-to-head.
We all have an opinion. 30dB collects those in social and elsewhere to uncover sentiment on just about everything under the sun.

Since we’re rolling up direct opinions as well as the positive and negative nature of events we call this the Vibe on a topic which we think paints a better picture of what’s interesting to you.
We look at the world like people speak, talking about topics instead of individual words.

If someone is loving or hating the Boston Red Sox, we want to make sure we don’t attribute that to the town of Boston. We also serve up related topics so you can drill into the sentiment on the specifics of what’s interesting to you.
Your Topics on Your Site
Love what you’re seeing on 30dB? Then take it with you.

We serve up our results in interactive infographics that can be embedded just about anywhere online.

30dB infographics are easy to embed and are free for editorial use.

Embedded infographics give your readers the full power of the 30dB engine to engage with the results, compare topics and launch new queries all without leaving your page.
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